Good Wok Teriyaki

BEST TERIYAKI EVER! This review is long overdue.
Here’s how our journey here started;
We came to Washington in May when we were looking for a place to live since we’re moving from Hawaii. We ended up getting kind of lost and we were starving so I turned to yelp to look up places to eat and hang out since we were driving for so long. We remembered someone mentioning that Washington has the best teriyaki, so we of course searched for that. We came across this place, of course very skeptical since the look of it. But I’m glad we never turned away from it.
Coming from Hawaii where everyone serves teriyaki, this is by far the best teriyaki we’ve ever had. Ever.
We always get the teriyaki chicken and short rib combo. The burnt parts are sweet and amazing. The chicken is never over cooked and they slice it up really nice so it’s also easy to feed our 2 yr old son.
And the free egg drop soup that they give when you dine in. And that soup is SPECTACULAR!! It’s also the best egg drop soup I’ve ever had.
The salad dressing is awesome. Idk what it is but it’s surely amazing too.
And to top it off, everyone that works there is so nice. They also check to see if we are okay and they’re always smiling.
You would never think by the look of this place that they would serve such delicious food. Thanks for help because that’s how we found out about here.
It just goes to show that sometimes(since there are some dingy places that serve horrible food), you don’t judge a restaurant(book) by its looks (cover)

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